Curriculum Development

What’s in your lesson plan?

Many people mistakenly believe that if someone is really good at doing something then they are automatically going to be really good at teaching others how to do it. Nothing could be further from the truth! To make matters worse, the same mistaken philosophy is often applied to curriculum development. To be sure, one cannot design and develop a course of instruction without the input of a subject matter expert. But the flip-side of the same coin is equally true: one cannot design and develop a course of instruction without a core understanding of curriculum development principles. Instructional design and curriculum development is a science unto itself and it requires skills separate and apart from subject matter expertise.


We provide professional instructional design and curriculum development expertise to ensure that your curriculum is designed and developed under recognized standards and principles. At a minimum, we utilize the IADLEST National Certification Program (NCP) course and lesson plan development standards, but we can also apply existing agency or POST standards in the curriculum development process.  Do you need help in developing your education and training standards?  We can help you accomplish that goal too!

Let us help you ensure that your legal courses and lessons are designed properly and provide the highest quality training to your students.