My name is Bruce-Alan Barnard and I am the founder of LEO LAW.  In less than 600 words, I would like to clearly articulate the professional services I offer and why I am very unique in this particular services segment.

In order to design, develop, and deliver effective quality training for adults on any subject, there are three distinct skills sets that must utilized: subject matter expertise, instructional design / curriculum development expertise, and teaching expertise.  Subject matter experts are needed because they are the source of the knowledge.

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The subject matter expert (or “SME”) is the master of the craft or knowledge to be taught.  The instructional designers and curriculum developers apply scientific andragogical principles to ensure the objectives are clearly defined and curricula is designed in a way to accomplish training goals. The teachers, or instructors as we often call them in law enforcement training, utilize and implement the curricula to provide the training to the students.  The instructor is typically a subject matter expert, but delivering instruction involves expertise in a skillset that is separate and apart from the expertise in the subject matter. You can be very knowledgeable in your field of study… but at the same time be a terrible instructor. In short, subject matter expertise does not automatically equate to instructional expertise.Providing training in the legal aspects of law enforcement requires all three of these skill sets.  I founded LEO Law because, rather uniquely, I possess all three of these skill sets and I understand how important they are.

I am a subject matter expert in the legal aspects of law enforcement. I am a former federal prosecutor and I have defended countless motions filed by defense attorneys seeking to have evidence excluded or statements suppressed because of Fourth Amendment or Fifth Amendment violations by an LEO.  There are a number of former LEOs who have gone to law school and then gone into LEO legal training. While their experience as an LEO surely gives them insight into the tactical application of the law, it is no substitute for the expertise developed in prosecuting cases and thwarting defense motions.

I have expertise in instructional design and curriculum development. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Adult Education where I formally studied instructional design and curriculum development. I was designated a “Master Training Specialist” in the United States Navy and received a Navy Achievement Medal for my curriculum development efforts. I was also responsible for curriculum development as a JAG in the U.S. Air Force.  For over ten years, I was responsible for legal curriculum development at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, Georgia for all four of the FLETC basic programs.

Lastly, I am an accomplished award-winning instructor. I was a certified instructor in the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Air Force, and retired from FLETC as a Senior Legal Instructor. I am the first legal instructor to receive INCI certification from The International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training (IADLEST). I have trained over 30,000 law enforcement officers over the last twenty years and I fully understand that just because you know something, doesn’t necessarily mean you can teach it to others. Education is a science and teaching is an art.

When is the last time you met a person who was a subject matter expert in the legal aspects of law enforcement, who was educated and experienced in the science of instructional design and curriculum development, and was also an award-winning educator?

I am Bruce-Alan Barnard.  Welcome to LEO Law.